Trac Deluxe Cmos Electronic Keyer

Trac Electronics, Inc., has in

troduced an addition to its line of state-oM he-art CMOSkeyers, The Trac Deluxe CMOS Electronic Keyer. Model TE 144t contains all CMOS integrated circuitry, The front panel contains controls for speed, weight, tone, and volume. In addition, a rear* panel switch allows "bug'Mype operation (automaticdots, manual dashes) as well as straight-keying operation, The Deluxe CMOS Electronic Keyer provides both dot and dash memory, iambic keyingt 5-50 wpm, sidetone, and speaker, alf housed in an eggshell-white base and woodgrained top, It is compact in size, 6:t x 4" x 2 . The unit is operated on a single 9-vott battery and keys bom positive^ and negative-keyed rigs. Available direct from Trac Electronics. Inc.. 1106 Rand Buildingt Buffalo NY 14203, or at most dealers throughout the US and Canada. Reader service number Tt8.

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