Yaesu Introduces The Ft Zd

Yaesu Electronics Corporation of Paramount. California, is pleased to announce the Introduction of the FT-101ZD transceiver.

The FT-101ZD is all new in design and offers many of the features of the internationally acclaimed FT-901DM.

The FT-101ZD is a no compromise HF SSB/CW transceiver which offers variable i-f bandwidth for 2.4 kHz to 300 Hz, digital plus analog display, buiIMn rf speech processor, a built-in ac power supply, a new highly effective noise blanker, rugged 6146B final tubes, all band coverage 160-10 meters, WWV, plus WARC band expandability and a true frequency counter (no more recatibrating when changing modes).

Additionally, the FT-101ZD is compatible with all of the FT-901DM accessories.

The FT-101ZD is now available from your Iocs! Yaesu dealer Yaesu Electronics Corporation, 15954 Downey Ave., PO Box 498, Paramount CA 90723; phone (213^633-4007, Reader service number Y1.

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