Attention Elf Owners Announcing Quest Super Basic

At Last a Fill! Slzt Basic for 18Q£ systems A a>Rpiert funcikxi Basic ir>cludjng t*o dimensions arrays variables itoahng pant arrthrnetic and 32 M Signed mtegef arithmetic

OGft^KCuncyiwitibH routines EaslyaiaD-iabteon most 1002 systems Acquires 12KRAV minimum for Baste and user programs Cassette version in siodc mow for rmrnediaie delivery ROM versions coming soon with exchange privilege allowing cr&dl for cassette version.

Super Basic oil Cassette $40.00

Tiny Basic Sourct- now available SUM

S-10C Slot Eipaulon Add 3 more S- 1ÜQ slots to your Super £*pan^on Board or use as a 4 got 5-100 Mother Boafd Soarc wrthoui cornectore un

Coming Soon: Htgh resolution aiphanurnencs with cotór grates eipanflaiííe up to 256 * 192 resolution for Iftss than 5100. Economical ver sions for other popular 1802 systems also.

16K Dynamic RAM hoard expandable lo 32K for less than $150

RCA Cosmac Super Elf Computer $106,95

A 2¿ key HEX kvyboertl includes 16 HEX keys

Com^e tenures before you docide to Ouy any ?liier computer Th^t is no other compuieron the Today that has all: me desirable bene* ffstrf the SiiptrlM lor so uttie money The Super Bf is a small single board computer that does inniny We mings It 15 an excellent computer *Of training and for teaming programming with is macftrne Language gnú yet is ea$jfy expanded with additional memory, Full Basic. ASCII Keyboards, video character generation. etc.

Before you buy another small computer, see il it includes the fáifáwlnfl featurss ROM monitor; State and Made displays; Single step: Optional address displays. Power Supply. Audio Amplifier and Speaker Fully socketed for all IC s Real cosí od m warranty repairs Full doo; mentation.

The Super Eli includes a ftGÜ mor ;tor tor om-grim loading eCiting and ¿ > ecwtion * lit SINGLE STIR tor program debugglAtf wftitfl is not induced in DThers at the same prtce With ttMLE STEP you car see the microprocessor chip opera-tmg wrth the unique Quest address and data bus displays before, during and altar executing instructions Also, CPU mode a no instruction cycle are decoded and displayed on & LED Indicators.

An RCA 1061 video graphic! chip allows you to connect lo your own TV with an in ei pensive video modulator to do graphics and games There is a speaker lyilem included tor witting your own music or using many musrc programs iireatfy written Tilt tptaker ampifier may also be used to dn« relays for controt purposes plus load, reset, run. watt. Input rnamoty protect. monitor select ana single stop Large on board displays provide output and opt on if high end lew eddrett There is e 44 pie standard connector slot PC cards and 3 50 pconnector sret 'or tpw Super Exsanscfi Board Power supply and sockets tor ill IC s are Jn-cluded i-n ihe price plus i detailed 127 pp instruction manual which now Includes over 40 pgs. of software mfo including a series of lessons 10 help get you started and a music program and graphics target game.

Many schools and universities art usmp the Super EH as a course of study. OEM s use ft lor training and research and development

Remember, 01 her computers only otter Super Elf lejtues a addicnal cost or 3 a I Compart tutor* r*u Ivy Super Ell KM SIM.«* HtpK addrett option £9 55 Low atidieti option «95 Custom CaDlnet wtth dnUed and iflbeHed ptaxig'ass froiTt panel $24.95. Expanston Cabinet with room for A 5- 1DO boards Hi.00 NICad Battery Memory Saver KIT $6.95. All kits and options also come completely assembled and tested

Quetldala. a 12 page monthly software publication for 1802 computer users is available by subscription to S12 DO per year

Tiny Sasrc Cassette ftO 00, on ROM (30.00. ortg<nai Bf kit ftoard ST4.H.

Super Expansion Board with Cassette Interlace $89.95

This is truly an ¿stounomg value' This board nas been designed to alio* you to decide how you want it optioned The Super Expansion Board ittmai with 4K of low power RAM fully addressable anywhere In 64K with buHt-ln memory protect anrf a caste tin Interface Provisions have been made lor all other options on 1 tie same board and it fits netfy into the hardwood catunet alongside the Super Elf The Ooaro includes slots fof up to 6k of EP8DM 2706, 27&S 2716 or Tl 2716) and es hilly nefcetrt, EPRQM on be used ter the monitor ¿ntfTinyBaii: or otherpurposes

A * Super ROM Abutter J19.95 « available as an cm board option in 270& fPROM *nich has been preprogrammed with a program loader editor and error checking multi IIJ ft cassette read/write software, [relocaiibJe cassette filai another exclusive from Quest, ti includes register save and mad out. block move capability and video graphics driver wtth blinking cursor Break points can be used wrth the register save feature to Isolde program bugs Quickry. then follow wiin single step The Super VonMor is written wrth sublines avowing ¿sers to :jke adwarrtage of ttuffl-VDlt Computer Power Supply

Samp +lBv Samp 1 Samp, -5v 5 amp. l£v 5 amp. 1? option i5v. ±t2v are regulated Kit £29.95. Kit wilh punched frame S37.45. Woodgraei cas^ SlO.OO

monitor functions simpiy by ca^ng them up Improvements and revisions are easiiy done with the monitor It you have the Super Expansion Board and Super Monitor the monitor is up and running at the push of a button.

Oiher on board options mdude Parallel Input ind Output Ports with Ml handihekl They a3low easy connection of an ASCII keyboard to me input port RS 222 irtf 20 me Currerf Loop tor l^erype or oiher devtce are On board and rl you need more memory me^e are two S-IOO siots for static RAM or v-oec Doari; A Godboirt 8K RAU boaro ts araiatKe for $135.00 At« a IK Super Monior version 2 with video driver for full capability display with Tiny Basic and a video interface board. Parallel I/O Ports 19.05, RS 232 $4 50. TTY 20 ma P/F S1.W, S-100 14,50, A 5(1 pin conn icier set with ribDon cable is available at Si? 50 for &asy connection between tiie Super Elf and the Super Expansion Board

The Power Supply Kit for the Super Expan^on Boaid is a 5 amp suppfy wih multiple positive and negative woftages $?9 95 Add S4.Q0 for shfiptig Ptepunched frames? 50 CaseStO OO A<M5l 50 lor stwpiw>g,

60 Hz Crystal Time Base Kit $4.40

Converts digital docks from AC line frequency to crystal time base. Outstanding accuracy Kit includes. PC board. IC. crystal, resistors, capacitors and trimmer.

TERMS: S5 OGmin. order U S Funds. Calif residents add 6% tax. BankAmeritsrd and Master Charge accepted. Shipping charges win be added on charge cards.

Seme fljyshigT^nj neparîspnly Factory tested Guaran teed money bar» Duality IC s ans other ccmponents at tac -tory pnces.

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