Nye Viking Receives Fcc Registration For Phone Patch

Approval by the Federal Com munications Commission for official registration under Part 68 of the FCC Regulations has been granted to the Wm, M( Nye Company. Bellevue WA. This allows the Nye Viking phone patch to be plugged directly into the telephone line without the need (or cost) of a telephone company-supplied coupling device. It should be noted that users must still notify the telephone company that they are connecting the phone patch to the telephone line, and must furnish the company the official registration number and the ringer equivalence number (which are printed on an attached label).

Telephone patches may not legally be connected to party lines or pay telephone lines.

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Users are cautioned that they must comply with all other requirements of the FCC pertaining to amateur radio communications.

The Nye Viking phone patch comes in two models; the 250-0046-001, without speaker, which provides connection to your own external speaker, and the 250-0046-003, with built-in loudspeaker, for use with most transceiver installations,

Nye Viking phone patches manufactured prior to official FCC approval and registration can be upgraded to approved status with the necessary changes, which include a 7-foot cord and a plug to connect into the telephone company line socket. Units returned for modification should be carefully packed and contain the sender's name and address. For further information, contact the Wm. M, Nye Company, tnc.T 1614 130th Ave. NEf Bellevue WA 98005. Reader Service number N4.

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