Trac Cmos Electronic Keyer

TRAC Electronics, Inc., has introduced an addition to its line of state-of-the-art CMOS keyers The TRAC CMOS Electronic Keyer. Model TE133, contains all CMOS integrated circuitry. included features are self-completing dots and dash es; both dot and dash memory; iambic keying with any squeeze paddle; 5-50 wpm; speed, vol-

TRAC's Model TE133 keyer.

ume, tune, and weight controls; speaker. Low-current-drain and built-in sidetone and CMOS allows portable battery

Heath/Schlumberger's new catalog, operation. The rear panei contains deluxe quarter-inch jacks for output and keying. The TE133 CMOS Electronic Keyer is operated on a single 9-volt battery and keys both positive and negative keyed rigs. For further information, contact TRAC Electronicsf Inc , 1106 Rand Building, Buffalo NY 14203. Reader Service number T18.

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