Revolutionary Wiring Tool

OK Machine and Tool Cor poration has announced "Just Wrap"TM, a revolutionary wiring process and series of tools that produce wire-wrapped connections without prior stripping or stitting of the wire insulation. Designed to wrap on .025-inch square posts, each tool carries a 50-foot spoof of 30 AWG wire. The tool will wire continuously through any number of pins (daisy chain), It is equipped with a handy built-in wire cutoff and is equally suited for point-to-point wiring. Wire is available in A colors: blue, white, redT and yellow.

For further information, contact OK Machine and Tool Corporation. 3455 Conner Street, Bronx NY 10475. Reader Service number 05.


You are fighting bumper-to-bumper traffic during the drive home after a hard day at the office. Suddenly, a car in the op posite lane swerves out ot control and causes a serious accident. The confusion that results does not allow you to take your hands off the wheel for more than a second or two. Luckily, you recently installed an autodialer on your two-meter rig. Only two buttons are pushed (one to access the patch, another to dial the number) and you are in touch with the nearest police station. Not only does the Advanced Electronics Applications (AEA) AD^ autodialer make autopatch operation easy, but it also makes it safer for you and your fellow motorists.

The AD-1 resembles a normal touchtone pad, except that it is slightly thicker and heavier. The tough black plastic case contains the circuitry necessary to store and recall ten seven-digit numbers, provide easy callback, and act as a conventional touchtone pad. An additional eight numbers may be stored in a special factory-programmed chip. The design makes hookup to most amateur FM transceivers a simple task.

The heart of the AD-1 is four integrated circuits which provide tones that will satisfy even the most stringent repeater. The keyboard contains the ten numerals plus the * and # functions The user gets a reassuring click when a keypad is depressed. Other features include a small speaker so that the output may be monitored, as well as a periodic warning tone when the unit is in the program mode.

The AD-1 comes with a four-pin microphone connector and a short length of coiled cable. Depending on the rig, it may be interfaced between the microphone and transceiver or hooked to an accessory socket. The push-to-talk method involves acoustical coupling. This is a bil more awkward, but involves no permanent connec-Irons other than a 12-volt supply An internal potentiometer allows user adjustment of the output level. If you are oniy interested in acoustical coupling, then the AD-lP might be a good choice. It is identical to the AD-1. except for the fact that it has only a speaker for output and contains a rechargeable battery.

The $129.95 price might seem high for an occasional autopatch user, but with a bit of imagination the AD-1 and AD-IP could be incorporated in a variety of telephone projects. The 26-page instruction booklet gives a fair description of the various modes that are available.

Autopatch operation has always been a great way to show off the utility of ham radio. Now, you can make it safer and more fun with the AEA autodiaier. Advanced Electronic Applications, Inc., PO Box 2160, Lynn wood WA 98036; (206)-775-7373. Reader Service number A94.

Tim Daniel N8RK

Peterborough NH

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