• Monitors transmitted SS8 and CW waveforms from IB to 150 MHz

* High-wnsiïiHïy, v/idrer|Utrncry (up to ID MHz) tr.c lûStfïpe

• Monitors received signals in IF stage.

* linearity of linear amplifier (provides fcpËioiti pElfcrn) > Aflows oorervaticn of RTTY ïuning points (cTOs pattern]

• Biiti:;4n two-tone (ïfîQû-Hî and 157S-H;) níreraíOí.

* Expandable to pan^íspEay csirafciiiiy for cosiKvmij the mimijEr and amplitude oi stations within a swrtchable ±20 Uh/±100 kHz bandwidth

an fi TS-B20 serss series

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