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nagging, and other negative means to try to force him to do what you want, you'll tie as successful as the FCC was In trying to force hams to gel the Extra class license. They fiat y refused to do it until the FCC carne up with some rewards in< stead of punishment.

There ¡s one feature of many ARRL conventions that irritates the heii out of me. This is the SWOOP ridiculousness, i think that stands for the Suffering Wives of Operating Personnel or some such foolishness, One high point of these SWOOP meetings Is the destruction of a piece of ham equipment by the wives . .. taking out their frus* irations and resentments on equipment. Disgusting.

Won t you be happier if your husband is happy? So ah you have to do is look at the good points and work out ways to have him enjoy some of the things you want to do, too,

Nowr OMs ... it is really important for you to come to terms with your wife. Explain to her that your love of your job or your love of amateur radio are not taking away from your love of her Your progress in your job is a reflection of her heip . . and your fun and relaxation with amateur radio are an important part of your life. Jt is important that you be considerate and fair. You can't realiy expect her lo enjoy being dragged to a hamfest and made to iook at a hundred booths full of ham gear and parts any more 'han you'd probably want to go to a knitting show. You'll be happier in the iong run if you go to a hamfest and give her the car and a credit card .. f and tefl her how to find the big shopping maiL She might get you a presen!. She also might put you in hock.

Despite the fun you have with amateur radio, you still have re sponsibiliiies to the world ♦ lo do a good job of work , . and to keep your wife and family happy. Its tough to have dinner with another ham and not sit talking ham talk alf nightT so keep this in mind and maybe get your wives together at the next table for their dinner so they can talk, loo. In the long run, you'll get a lot more out of ham radio If you have a good working relationship with your wife about it.

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