• Covers 445.0-450.0 MHz (transmit) and 442.0-447.0 M Hz (receive)

• 23 channels. Ihiee supplied (446.0 MHz simplex, 446.5 MHz simplex, and 44910 MH/ transmit/444 10 MHz receive).

• Five-section helical resonator and two-pole crystal filter In receiver IF. for improved intermodulation characteristics.

• Call channel switch, tor user-desired function (such as lubtone).

• Monitor circuit. to allow listening to modulation while making liwpienqf adjustments.

SP-70 TS-700SP VF0-700S

The TS-700SP is an all-mode (SSB. FM, CW. and AM) solid-state transceiver covering the entire 2-meter band, including repeater operation on all sub-bands. It s the perfect rig for the serious 2-meter Amateur.


VFO timing from 144 to Ma MHz m four bands

Seven-digit readout of receive frequency, with

100-Hr resolution, (last digit can be eliminate automatically in the FM mode.)

Simpiux and repeater operation, including all repeater subbands Switchable to REVERSE mode.

Built-in receiver preamplifier.

AC/DC capability. 1or fixed or mobile operation

44 fixed 'channels with 11 crystals.

Multifunction meter. S-meter on all receive modes, zero-center meter on FM receive, and RF transmit

High-tow power switch (10 W/t W)

RJT for both VFO and fixed dunnels

Effective notse btenker.

SP-70 T8-600 W/V0X-3

The TS-60Q is an all-mode (SSB. FM. CW. and AM) solid-state transceiver covering the entire 8-meter band. It's the ideal transceiver to enjoy the many exciting propagation conditions on 6 meters.


• VFO tuning from 50 to 54 MHz la four bands Main dial graduated f *fci«ltf «H k 7 '. vl' " ■ v

• AC/0C capability, for fixed or mobile operation.

• 20 fixed channels wiUi five crystals.

• Effective noise blanker.

• Multifunction meter Smeter on all receive modes, zero canter metei on FM receive, and RF on transmit

• HIT for both VFO and fixed channels

• 20 W PEP input on SSB, 10 W output on CW and FM. 5 W output W AM.


• VOX-3, to provide VOX and wrm-bieak-in CW operation

The TR-B300 mobile FM transceiver operates in the 70-cm band, on 23 crystal-controlled channels (three supplied). Transmitter output is 10 watts, and a very sensitive and selective receiver is provided.

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