New Mfj Rf Speech Processor

True BF Speech Processing. Gives you up to 4 times (6db) more average SSB power on al bands. Powerful natural sounding speech punches thru QRM. Works with any rig. Plugs between mic and rig. VU meter. Uses advanced digital and analog techniques.

Powerful natural sounding pro* cessed speech punches thru QRM.

Plugs between mic and rig* No intornmf connections to rig,

The MFJ-525 gives you up to four limes (6db) more average SSB power on all bands with true RF Speech Processing.

Powerful natural sounding speech punches thru QRM and DX pile ups.

Used with your rig, the MFJ-525 gives you more average SSB power increase pet dollar than a linear or beam.

Combined with a linea/ and a beam, you have the ultimate with up to tour times more average SSB power.

Meal for mobile and QRP. Vastty improves phone patching Eliminates llat-topping. spJattef The MFJ 525 is a closed SS8 transmitter ■ receiver system. Using high performance digilai and analog techniques, microphone audio is con Vveried to SS8, clipped and filtered and then con verted back down to audio for your ng's mic input.

Use any rig and microphone. Plugs between your mic and rig No internal connections needed Two color VII meter aids in setting clipping level Clipping levef cmitroi sets amount of processing. Output levet control ad^sts level to transmitter and eliminates readjusting rig's mic gain control when processor is bypassed

Push button ON-OFF/BYPASS switch bypasses processor in OFF position. LED indicates power on.

4 pin mic jack. Sodded output cable has push-to talk line. Uncommitted 4 pm mic plug supplied. Easify adapted for any ng.

RR protected with double sided PC boanj ground plane, input, output RFI filtering, femte beads, careful layout, RFI coating on side panels.

110 VAC or 12 to 18 VDC. Eggshell white with walnut grain sides. 6x2x6 inches.

Order from MFJ and try it - no obligation. If not deiighted. return it within 30 days for refund (less shipping) fine year unconditional guarantee Oder today. Cal' toll free 800 647 1800. Charge VISA, MC or mail check, money order for S119.95 plus S3.00 shipping for MFJ-525.

Don't wait to punch thru QRM with powerful natural sounding processed speech, order today.

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