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Tired of cluttering up your walls, stuffing OSL's in drawers and boxes? A greai new way to organize, preserve and display your QSL cards is in clear vinyl pockel pages. Each speciaJly designed, crystal clear heavy duty page, holds 6 caros (back to oack} The roomy 4'" x pockets even hoid those extra large Japanese OSL's With overy 40 pages (minimum) ordered. you n receive rFree -a handsome 9'rx 14' sturdy 3-ring album, fully padded, in durable 'Brown-Hide' vinyl.

As gifts for friends, as valuable cluu prizes, or as a treat for yourself - the QSL Organizer is a must, for every radio shack.Try it lor 30 day^. If you're rn it for full refund

Send Check. Money Orcei, Mastercharge. Visa io:

MIL INDUSTRIES D*pt3 -307 ^^ pT 0. Sojc #44457 Panorama City, Crt 91402

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RTTY Loop from page J 8

Lei's bop out of converter building long enough to consider a question sent in by Bob Bunn WAOLKE. Bob writes ihal he is setting up his RTTY station, but that a German amateur tofd him that this equipment operates on 170-Hz shift™ using tones of 1275 Hz and 1445 Hz. He wants to Know how to buyt build, or modify a terminal unit to work the DA on these frequencies.

WeiBobt it all boils down to what you will be receiving. As we have stated here before, put AFSK into an SSB rig and FSK comes out. That is, it does not matter what frequency tones the DX station feeds into his transmitter; all you will see is plain old 170-Hz shift FSK RTTY. What frequency audio tones you recover depends only on your receiver. Any converter that works on anyone else would work on him. Okay?

Those of you in the rnid*At* iantic area, be sure to come to Baltimore on March 30, 1980, for the Greater Baltimore Hambor-ee and Computer lest. Sponsored by the Baltimore Amateur Radio Club and Calvert Hall, it promises to be a whale of an event, with good oV NSD, himself, speaking. I will be there, too, so hope to see you there. Check the "Social Events" section of 73 for details.

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