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low you can have the capabilities of 40-meter operation on the System 36 and System 33. Using the same type high quality traps, the 40-meter addition will offer 200HKZ of bondwidth at less than 2:1 SWR. The new 33-6 MK will fit your present SY36 or SY33, and using the same single feed line.

Capable of handling the Legal Limit, the "SYSTEM 33" is the finest compact tri bander available to the amateur. Designed and produced by one of the world's largest antenna manufacturers, the traditional quality of workmanship and materials excells With the "SYSTEM 33" New boom-to-element mount consists of two 1/8" thick formed aluminum plates that w*H provide more clamping and holding strength to prevent element misalignment Superior clamping power is obtained with the use of a rugged 1/4" thick aluminum plate for boom to mast mounting. The use of large diameter High-Q traps in the "SYSTEM 33" makes it a high performing in bander and at a very economical price A complete step-by-step illustrated instruction manual guides you to easy assembly and the lightweight antenna makes installation of the 'SYSTEM 33" quick and simple.

Bind MHz , ... 14-2128 Maximum po-wef <npqt L^if Um if

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