Motorola MC14410CP CMOS Ton* G«n#n1or

CMOS Tone Generator gifts iMhZ crystal to produre standard du^ frequency dialing s^Qna! Directly compatitofe wiifi 12 hey Chomeric Touch Ton« Pads Kn includes the following:

1 Motorola MC14410CP Chip

1 PC Board

And all other pans for assembly, wilh 1 MHz crystal $20.65

falrchlld 95K90DC Preaceler 350MH2.

95H90DC Prescaler divides t>y 10 1o 350 MHZ This kil wilt take any 35MHZ Counier to 350 MHZ. Kit includes Ihe following 't Falrchiid 95H90DC Chip

1 2N5T79 Transistor

2 UG BflyU BNC Connectors 1 PC Board

And all other parts lor assembly. NOW ONLY $24.95

LOSS 95H90 chip $10.95

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