The Ft Wayfarer

The introduction of the "WAYFARER" by Yaesu is the beginning of a new era in compact solid state transceivers. The FT-707 "WAYFARER" offers you a full 100 watts output on 80-10 meters and operates SSB, CW, and AM modes. Don't let the small size fool you! Though it is not much larger than a book, this is a full-featured transceiver which is ideally suited for your home station or as a traveling companion for mobile or portable operation.

The receiver offers sensitivity of .25 uV/10 dB SN as well as a degree of selectivity previously unavailable in a package this small. The "WAYFARER" comes equipped with 16 poles of IF filtering, variable bandwidth and optional crystal filters for 600 Hz or 350 Hz. Just look at these additional features:

FT-707 with Standard Features

Fast/slow AGC selection Advanced noise blanker Built-in calibrator WWV/JJY Band Bright Digital Readout Fixed crystal position 2 auxiliary bands for future expansion Unique multi-color bar metering—monitors signal strength, power output, and ALC voltage.

FT-707 with Optional FV-707DM & Scanning Microphone

Choice of 2 rates of scan Remote scanning from microphone Scans in 10 cycle steps Synthesized VFO

Selection of receiver/transmitter functions from either front panel or external VFO "DMS" (Digital Memory Shift)

Impressive as the "WAYFARER" is its versatility can be greatly increased by the addition of the FV-707DM (optional). The FV-707DM, though only one inch high, allows the storage of 13 discrete frequencies and with the use of "DMS" (Digital Memory Shift) each memory can be band-spread 500 KHz. These 500 KHz bands may be remotely scanned from the microphone at the very smooth rate of 10 Hz steps.

The FT-707 "WAYFARER" is a truly unique rig. See it today at your authorized Yaesu Dealer.

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