This is MFJ's best Versa Tuner II. And one of the world's finest 300 watt (RF output) tuners.

The MFJ-949 Deluxe Versa Tuner II rjives you a combination of quality performance. and features thai others can'i touch at Ihis price or any price.

PERFORMANCE: You can run your full transceiver power outpul - up lo 300 watts Rf1 out put - and match your transmitter io any lead line from 1.8 thru 30 MHz whether you have coax, (balanced line or random wtre

FEATURES: A 200 wait 50 ohm dummy load Jets you tune up tor maximum performance.

A sensitive meter lets you fead SWR with only 5 watts and both forward and reflected power in Jwo ranges [300 and 30 watts).

A flexible antenna switch lets you select 2 coax unes direct or thru tuner, random wire or balanced Irne anil dummy load

A large efficient airwound inductor 3 inches m dfametfii gives you plenty of notching range and less losses for more watts out.

1:4 balun. 1000 volt capacitors. SG 239 coax conneciors Binding post lor balanced line, random wirf> ground 10x3x/ inches.

QUALITY^ Every single unit is lested for pei fotmance and inspecled for qiitlity Snlid American construction quality component

The MFJ-949 carries a Jult one year uncondi tlonat guarantee

Order Irorn MFJ and try it - no obligalion. II

not rifiiighicd return it within 30 days lor a re

Also Available ... Floor Space: 51" Wide by 30" Deep


your shack organized!

A beautiful piece of furniture — your XYL will love it!


Deluxe - Ready to Assemble

Designed with angled rear shelf for your viewing comfort and ease of operation.

FINISHES: Walnut or Teak Stain,

Floor Space: 39" Wide by 30" Deep

Additional Information on Request.

Checks, Money Orders, BankAmericard and Master Charge Accepted.

F.Q,B, Culver City. (In Calif, Add 6% Sales Tax,) DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED__

ST Amateur Radio /ervsee/

4384 KEYSTONE AVENUE • CULVER CITY, CALIF. 90230 - PHONE (213) 837-4870

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