Amateur Radio Triband Beam With Heathkit Assembly Manual

Heath Company the world's largest electronic Kit manufacturer, appears to have good news for any amateur who eve* tried assembling a beam anten na, The Heathkit SA-7010 tri-band yagi comes with a slep-by-step manual, something the nam community has been asking for.

This 4-element 20-, 15-, and 10-meter beam features three active elements on each band and is said to give 8.3 dB actual gam over a dipole. Front-to-back ratio is listed at 25 dB. A separate reflector is provided for correct monoband spacing on 10 meters, Vswr, according to Heath, is less than 1.5:1 at resonance on each band. The SA-7010 is rated for full legal power.

The boom length of this tri-bander is 16 feet, with a longest element of 31 feet. Turning radius is 17 feetH 5 inches, and wind surface area is 5,8 square feet.

Because of the detailed in Struction manual, Heath expects this new beam to be popular not only with individual hams, but also with amateur radio clubs who seek easy assembly for Fietd Day use.

Heath Company fs a subsidiary of Zenith Radio Corporation, Heath Company, Benton Harbor Mt 49022\ Reader Service number 303,

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