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Take a Chance itr^ f^yi Catcula-tor (Uttnum publisher I *BK1002 —«ras SÖ 95 now $4 50 Chemi^hv j Computer :E^u cor^r1 fuoiis^"-1 »BKlOtO—was S9 95. no* $5 00 Computer Dic^onarv tCamelpt pubhShSFh *BK1Q1Ö— * rj $5 95 no* S3 30 FORTRAN fj- iTun inQ ,Came lot pubJiSherk »BK io"i9— a as S7 95 r>oyi. U 00

P '--»■. 'I ' arni pubJtShefi »6M020 -wasS4 95 no* £2 50 a Quick Loot at 9ASIC iCameJot-pdDliSheri «0K1043 Aas $4 95 no* 52 50 how ro Bu1- anr] UseMtms and v.-cros iSams publisher ■ — *as S9 35 no* S5 00 Ho* to Program Microcomputers Sams publisher flBKiOi ? 96 no* 54 50



* on 3 Disk This requires an i CO M Disk Controller and at legist 20K of memory plus <3 ZAPPLE Monitor in an S 100 Cabinet (Altaîr IM SAI ele.) #D0065S Í12ÍÍ

1 TDL Sysíflm Sollware on

* 5V diisk-This ser Ot system software requires s North Star Disk Controller, and a TDL Systems Monilor Boíjrd i. .mu cort^iirjts hi 12I< BASIC, Rei0Ciir:0r/Llnk

Ing Loader Z BO Editor and Te xi Proce&sof ^D0066S-Í17Q.

1 TÜL System Soltwam on

* SV*" disk- Ttnf, Is the üäine as above taui do^ noi re-quirt il>e Syalems Monlrar Board I. WD0097S S190

1 TDL System Soltwar^ on

* 5Vi'1 disk—Again, as above but requires a HELIOS Disk Controller and Ihe TDL Systems Monitor Board M moi l> «DOOeeS-Si 17C

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