The Illustrated Dictionary Of Electronics

If you have been looking for a comprehensive electronics dictionary. then TAB BOOKS' The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics (No. 1066) by Rufus P. Turner just may be the ticket. As the cover states, this work (868 pages!) contains "Complete, modern definitions for well over 24.000 electronics/computer terms!" The "illustrated" part comes from the nice springing of explanatory drawings found throughout.

Many so-called electronics dictionaries have, in the past, been very skimpy in numbers of termsand lengthsof definitions. This is not the case with this one. On lop of having a listing for just about everything that you can think of, many definitions refer to related subjects which may further enhance your understanding of a word or phrase For instance, if you iook up "transverse electric mode, the explanation also asks you to "Compare transverse magnetic mode' and to "Also see waveguide mode."

Definitions of ■ monkey chat ter/" "water capacitor."1 von Hip-pel breakdown theory, "episco tister. and Bunets Formula' are included in this very com-prehensile listing Of common and not so common electronics and computer terms and phrases. Lest you think that this book is too deep for a non-engineer. it also has definitions foi ham-type terms such as "side swiper/' "double-extended Zepp antenna," "bazooka/' and "slow-blow fuse.1'

Also mcluded is a Tables and Data" section, which contams.

among other things, a wire gauge table, C°-toF° conversions, many generai-purpose conversion factors, electronic abbreviations, and many math and electronics constants.

The real >vay to apprecia-e this dictionary is to gei ahold oi one. Even at $14 95, it won t take iong to pay for itself in the confi dence that you gain by increasing your vocabulary and your understanding of the electronics revolution. Once you start thumbing through this one. it will be tough to put it back on the shelf. TAB BOOKS Blue Ridge Summit PA i7214

Gene Smarte WB6TOV News Editor

Ham Hel p

I am presently here at ISP in Ft. Madison, Iowa, and am tn-lerested in trying to lake my Novice license test here, This would be under unusual conditions, among which are not being able to use a code oscillator or have any radios besides the regular AM-FM broadcast receivers This is because the feeling is that we may be able lo hear police broadcasts on a ham or amateur radio. J know that this isn t possible, having studied electronics and radio schematics for several years and also having been in business.

I would like to get a small amateur club started inside these walls, but help is needed to explain to the staff just what amateur radio is. what ii does in times of emergencies, and what a person could even (earn l just given the chance to prove it*

I've been trying to learn the Novice theory and also the code here by my own means, and have learned much of it already I'm also studying the

Novice Class License Study Guide and working on all 49 test questions, in hopes I'd be able to get the Novice license exam while here. Possibly, that may prove to some in here that a man can do something on his even when locked up.

I'm presently a subscriber to 73 Magazine and enjoy very much the articles that everyone has written. I would Uke to hear from anyone who may have an answer for me while I'm here

I'm also trying to get into the electronics shop here in hopes of being able to learn more in the field of electronics and, hopefully, also being able to take a correspondence course in etectronics^communications and work towards a 2nd class license, too.

I'm presently doing a 10-year sentence and may possibly go up for a paroEe m October of this year I hope HI 'have my Novice license and, possibly, the communications course completed and my diploma re* ceived lo show the board here by lhat time.

1 sincerely hope that any readers who may be able lo help will write me here.

Richard Hollingsheadl Box 316-201957 Fl, Madison IA 52627

) would appreciate any information on converting a CPI 400 CB rig to JO meters,

Ron Feldstein KA6JPY PO Box 681 Simi Valley CA 93065

I would like to contact anyone who is interested in or operating with 10-GHz equipment. I live in the Toledo, Ohio, area in southern Michigan.

Paul Bachman WB8ATA 11705 Munson Hwy. Morenci Ml 49256

I need a manuat or parts list and schematic for a National NC-183 receiver,

I would also like to contact members of the WWII San Pedro/Espmto Santo Sonar Team: Bates, E.T. and C.R., Jackson, Harrison, and others

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I have a Hammariund HQ-160 in good condition, but I need if transformer T1 and 2 (455/3035 kHz) to restore it lo its original condition. \ will buy a salvaged transformer or a junked 160 for parts, I also have an original owner's manual which I would duplicate for cost and postage if anyone needs it

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i would like to acquire the location, time ; any Dlher important information at ■■out a C\\ County Hunters Net currently .n operation Thank you

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I need a DC7302N or a Mostek MK50362 40-pin clock chip to complete KSSK's "A Single IC Time Machine in the February. 1979, 73. If you have one surplus to your requirements or have information on possible sources, please write to me. No reasonable price refused.

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Australia 2615

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