The Pace Communicator Mx

In April of 1979, I decided to buy a hand-held 2 meter rig. I had seen an advertisement on the new Pace Communicator MX and. since \ was very satisfied with my Communicator II. I decided to buy one. I bought ihe Communicator il because of the excellent reputation Pace has in the commercial two-way radio field. When I decided to buy a Mneter hand-held, the Pace ads for the new Communicator MX intrigued me. Then, at the Two Way Radio Dealers' Show at Denver, I saw one in the Mesh 1 was hooked and had to have one

The controls and layout are not onl, simple, but also functional On top is the on/volume control, the squelch control, and Ihe channel selector knob On one side is the PTT and the offset selector switch, which provides + 600 kHz. - 600 kHz. and simplex. On the front ts the Hp Lo power switch ano the metertype battery level indicator. The antenna connector, a BNC (my favorite: no fumbling when switching to an external anten^ na tor mobile), and a factory-wired. external microphone jack are also located on me top. Using 13 duodes. 12 transistors, 1 FFTh and 3 ICs. the Communica-lor MX operates in a 16F3 mode. Pace uses offset modulator crystals of 17,5 MHz for the + 600, 16.9 MHz for the simplex, and 16.3 MHz for the -600 switching. Power output is rated only as 1, Watt on high (mine measured 1.6 Watts on high and .75 Watts on low) inlo a nominal 50 Ohms Deviation is ± 5 kHz (adjustable). Spurious har< monies are more than 50 dB below carrier level and frequency stability is better ihar. 15 pprn from -30° to +60° C.

The receiver is a double Superheterodyne using 16.9MHz and 455-kHz i fs Sensitivily is rated at less than ,5 microvolts for 20-dB qutehng or 36 microvolts for 12-dB S1NAD imine checked out at 30 micro^ volts for 20 dB and .20 microvolts for 12-dB SINAD) Image and receiving spurious rejeclion is 60 dB down; selectivity is 60 dBdownat ± 12kHz Audioout put is ai least 400 mW at 10% THD,

The Communicator MX requires only onecrystal per channel, weighs t.03 pounds (with batteries), and measures 6.06" H

New telescopic tower from Aluma Tower Co 190 73 Magazine • May. 1980

x 2,67" W x 1j64" T, The MX draws only 300 mA transmit (1 W) and 1Q0 mA receive un-squelched (25 mA squelched).

By removing one screw, the front snaps oltT allowing easy access to alt controls, adjustments, and crystals. This unjl is a jewel to work on, compared to many others 1 have seen

The Communicator MX comes with a .52 crystal, rubber duckH vehicular charge adaptor, and nicad pack. Pace is maintaining a stock of Ihe standard repeater frequency crystals, or rhese may be ordered from your regular crystal supplier i have found the delivery from Pace excellent: less than two weeks!

The Communicator MX, priced at $265.00, carries a dealer-backed factory warrant for one year. For further information. contact a Pace dealer

Pathcom, fnc.. Amateur Radio Products Group. 24105 South Frampton Ave,, Harbor Ctty CA 90710; (800) 421-1196; in CA, (800^261 1208. Reader Service number 478.

Larry L. Vaughan KA5ECP Los Alamos NM

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