Loop Antenna

Palomar Loop Antenna

Here is an exciting new device to improve your reception on 160, SO, the broadcast band, and on VLF.

It is well known that loops pick up far Jess noise than most other antennas. And they can nulf out interference. Now Palomar Engineers brings you these features and more in a compact, carefully engineered, attractive desktop package.

Unlike ordinary direction-finder loops, It tilts to match the incoming wave front. The resutt: Deep nulls up to 70 db. You have to listen to believe It!

Does the Loran on 160 give you a headache? The loop practically eliminates it. Broadcast station 2nd harmonic ruining your DX? Turn and tilt the loop and it's gone. Does your friend in the next block with his kilowatt block those weak ones? Use the loop and hear him fade out.

Loop nulls are very sharp on local and ground wave signals but usually are broad or nonexistent on distant skywave signals. This allows local interference to be eliminated whiie DX stations can still be heard from all directions,

The loops are Litz-wire wound on RF ferrite rods. They plug into the Loop Amplifier which boosts the loop signal 20 db and isolates and preserves the high Q of the loop. The tuning control peaks the loop and gives extra preselection to your receiver.

Plug-in loops are available for these bands:

150-550 KHz (VLF) 540-1600 KHz (Broadcast) 1600-5000 KHz (160 & 80 meters} 10-40 KHz (Omega) 40 150 KHz (WWVB, Loran)

Send for free descriptive brochure.

Loop Amplifier $67.50; Plug-In Loop Antennas $47,50 each [specify frequency band]. To order add $3 packing/shipping, Calif, residents add sales tax.

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