Three Electronics Tours Abroad

Electronics Representative Association. Northern California Chapter, and Commerce Tours international will co-sponsor three electronics tours in 1980 as follows:


Will visit Tokyo Information Processing Exhibition and 8th World Computer Congress in Tokyo from October 4th to October 10th, 1980.


Will visit four foreign electronics shows in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong from October8th to October 22nd, 1980.


Will visit London, Paris, and Munich Electrónica 80 from October 29th to November 9th, 1980.

As described by Wayne Green in January, Feb. 1980 73 Magazine

Business appointments will be arranged in advance and at Ihe shows. For further information, piease contact: Janet Smith

Commerce Tours international. Inc. ^332 870 Market Street. Suite 744 San Francisco, CA 94102 Tel: (415) 433 3072. [415) 433-3408

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