Antenna Tuner

Here is a new tuner Thai puts ftiore power into your antenna, works irom 160m-10in, h&ndles fuii legal pûwsr and then ione, ard works with coax, single wire and In need lines. And it lei^ you iu<*! ujj vjifli jut amig or. the air.

Ail tubers lose 5jrt power, UGStly ir the inductance coil ;~d the ': ■ i rcre. To avo'd this ws sw"'■'.-.i iron-» N.> ".' .vif lor the main ndmllar tr ," copper ?L:liir>:. it csn carry ren tnr ■■ ihe rf current. Ani we\e mo*ed the oalLin > ■ f i - - >. lipjr. ..I e n alr-35t ne«er sees its dt: ;-'i itr ;:«1a nee. to ll ■ 11 _ i whe'e it alv-'yi iHms. Tim m or? poivc! ta your antf na The E>iggest tn:il.;-n tuners aettinç them TLtnec i- Willi thcçç krn;;>3 to tuns an your tranceiver and three or» the tuner and ten seconds to do ir (see the warning "in your transceiver manual that's 1 !•'• seconds per knob. We have a better way; a built-in 50 Ohm noise bridg« that lets vou siit tht tuner controls without transmitting, And a switch that l&ts yon tunc yout transmitter into a dummy load. So you can do the whole tuneup without qoiny on the air. Saves that final;cuis QRM.

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