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I am in need of schematic and conversion Info for an RCA "LD" Business Band radiotelephone, model CMCT-30B2-H, 159.60 MHz. Of course, I will pay any copying and postage costs. Thank you.

Roger Mason KA4JHC 4308 Faigle Road Portsmouth VA 23703

I need a schematic and/or instruction manual for a Collins 310B-1 Exciter. I will pay for these or I can reproduce and return them. I also need a complete set of knobs for a Hallicrafters S76 receiver.

Herman F. Schnur K4CTG 115 Intercept Avenue North Charleston SC 29405

I recently purchased a Kenwood R-1000 receiver and would like to correspond with anyone who has used this receiver in conjunction with a transceiver and/or separate transmitter.

Marvin Rosen KA3EUY 20 W. Madison St.

Baltimore MD 21201

I need a schematic drawing of a Hallicrafters model S-76-U. I also need one for a Gemtronics model V-258A. I wrote to Gemtronics about six months ago but I didn't receive an answer. Thank you.

David A. Carter WA4VHP 28 Alpine Drive

Savannah GA 31405

I would like to obtain a manual and schematic for a Midland model 13-505 2m transceiver. I will copy and return or pay a reasonable copy and mailing fee. Thank you.

Terry Jones KA6IYE 2945 Sequoia Avenue Eureka CA 95501


1016 E. EUREKA • Box 1105 • LIMA, OHIO • 4S802

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