Wideband Antenna Design

Tet Hb33sp

TET, THE LEADER ITi WIDEBAND ANTENNA DESIGN, introduces anotheF new triband anten na to provide unmatched wideband performance on the 10, 15 and 20 meter amateur bands. This radical departure from conventional triband antenna design employs TWO DRIVEN ELE ■ MENTS with a rigid phasing line to couple power from the radiator element to the reflector. Phase relationships have been carefully engineered to provide extremely high gain figures without neglecting the need for high front to back ratio. The two element drive system is coupled to one parasitic director on the model HB33SP: two parasitic directors on a longer boom with the model HB43SP.

FULL BAND COVERAGE is possible without the need for antenna tuners or separate CW and phone antenna adjustments. The 1*5:1 VSWR bandwidth covers the entire 20 and i5 meter amateur bands, with a little extra for MARS operation. On 10 meters, coverage is in excess of \ MHz.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION and repeatable performance permit TET to deliver an antenna package without need for any tuning adjustments, All tubing is cut and pre-drilled to preci* sion tolerances. The phasing harness and feed assembly for the two driven elements are pre assembled to insure ease of construction and reliable performance.

MOVE UP with the performance oriented leader in antenna technology. Order your new high performance wideband triband antenna system from TET today.

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