North Atlantic RB-503C/S-U77 VM-204 5 i nger

Phi Icq/Sierra 470A-50Ö Pol jfjd 50-1 10Ü1M4

Digital Vo 1 tinecer


Range Selector For 3439A/ 344OA

Plug In For J439A Automatic Ndnge Selector 4 3440A

High Gaun Auto Range Plug In for 3439A/344QA

AC DC Range Plug In For 3439A/3440A

AC DC Remote Plug In For 343yA/344QA

Digit*: voltmeter

Universal Bridge

Open Fault Locator

Prescaler For 5245L/524GL to 350MHZ

Frequency Divider to 12.4 GHZ

Timer Counter DVti to 512MHZ

520MHZ Frequency Counter wUh a 5436A and a 5485A , Nemory Display,

Control , and a Two Channel Input

Pulse Generator

Pulse Generator

Calibrator for 431A and 431B


Medium Gain Amplifier

Vertica] Response Tester

Plug In Extender

Horizontal Gain Calibrator

Attenudfur Set toiftpactron Adapter For Tube Tester DC Plug In

Die Bonder {Like New)

Distortion Measuring Equipment Mega Sweep

Rada Pulse Sr. ]0 to 80MHZ Utilator 4.5 to 220ttiZ

DC VTVM Static Meter Pico Ampmeter E I ectroniettr

TWT Amplifier 3 to 12.4GHZ at IGOwatts 40dB Gain

Band Pass filter 20CPS to 2Ü0KC

Ultra Low Frequency Rejection Filter <0?HZ to 2KMZ

Rejection Filter 20CPS to 200KC

Temp. Detector Millivolt Potentiometer

Signal Generator

Impedance Bridge

H F Signal Generator 1DKHZ to 50HHZ Rf Voltmeter Multimeter Tube Tester

RF Microvoltmeter Solid State (NO PROBE)

Spectrum Analyzer OKI to 5GHKC ipecLrum Analyzer 1KC to 2MHZ

Frequency Counter



Ratio So*

Phase Angle Voltmeter

Spectrum Analyzer with a UR-3 and a VR-4 1KHZ to 27 * 5MifZ

High Power Signal Generator 200 to SOOHHZ 5üwatts

Multr Pulse Spectrum Analyzer Modulator

150,00 25O.DD 75.00 50. DO 200-00 175.00 ISO.00 750.00 900,00 250.00 250,00 1000.00 1000.DD 300.00

3500-00 750.00 750.00 250.00 1200,00 ILO.00 1110.00 100.00 lno.oo

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