New Nls Touch Test

Futuristic touch controls and a multitude of test functions are featured in Non-Linear Systems' new Touch Test 20 digital multimeter.

The 3Vz-digi1 Touch Test 20 measures 10 parameters and 20 functions and includes 44 ranges. Test parameters include ac and dc volts, ac and dc current. resistance, capacitance, temperature, continuity, conductance, and diode test. The package size is a smail 2.9 inches high by 6.4 inches wide by 8 inches deep. Weight is less than 3 pounds. Touch Test 20 may be purchased as a line powered unit or (optionally) comes equipped with rechargeable batteries for battery or line operation.

Accessories included with the instrument are OSHA-style test leads, a temperature probe.

Palomar Engineers' 1750m transmitter.

and a component test adapter for radial lead components.

An optional leather carrying case allows the Touch Test 20 to be operated while worn around the neck or on the belt, providing hands-free operation.

For further information, contact Non-Linear Systems« lnc,t PO Box N, Del Mar CA 92014; (714)'75^1134. Reader Service number 481.

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