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Touch K100 $199 00

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C'ett'-as ccrdlesa ■ Freedom phpne does everything in >-dinaryphone ioesarrdmore Because + ^cordless you can take it anywhere, inside or outside—on the patio, by the pool, in the garager m the workshop, even next door at the neighbor's

FF-50Q n ispushbutton dialing. Rechargeable ni-cad battern;jrp mcluded flattery low light Secure feature Telescopic antenna. Your cost Is S 179.00. Model FF-1500 has the same features as the FF*500 but also includes a charger/cradle thai allows the phone's handsel to be recharged away tram Ihe base station Your cost for this cordless phone is $199,00. îh* model FF-3000 nas ail ihe standard features {except charyeir cradle) plusinierchangeabi** te'escop-tc and rubber ducky antenna Rediai feature Belt clip. Carrying case ûreater range. Your cost is S229.00.

World Scanner Association *

The world scanner association is sponsored as a public servie:e by Communications Electronics'

When you iotn, you'll receive a one-year membership and our quarterly newsletter with scanner ne^i and features You ll also yet a wahet i 0 card, an Official WSA Membership Certificate, and more. free classi-f led .ids tor members SO you can contact other scanner owners when you want 'o selJ of buy a scanner free membership in ihe WSA Bu>fer& Ct>op. Your Co-op membership will you to get special discounts On s dinners and scanner related products. S nee (he WSA Buyer s Co-op flives you group purchas ng power, you rji^ eastl> pay I Or vaur membership dues the ti-rsl time you make a Co-op purchase. To join, send S12 00 ¡S3G.00Qjîs<dt> U S A f for your membership materials

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