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• BEHIND THE DIAL—BK7307-By Bob Grove. Get more fun out of shortwave listening with this interesting guide to receivers, antennas, frequencies and interference. $4,95.*

• THE CHALLENGE OF 160-BK7309-ÍS the newest book in the 73 technical library, dedicated to 160 meter operating Si Dunn provides all necessary information to get started on this unique band. The all-important antenna and ground systems are described in detail. The introduction contains interesting photos of Stew Perry s (the King of 160' shack. This reference is a musí for nev. and experienced Top Band operators Price: 54.95/

• 1C OP-AMP COOKBOOK —BK1028—by Walter G. Jung. Covers not only the basic theory of the IC op amp in great detail, but also includes over 250 practical circuit applications. liberally Illustrated. 592 pages, 5Vt x BVa. softbound. 512,95 *

• THE POWER SUPPLY HANDBOOK— BK7305-Need a power supply for a BOOK there are dozens ready-to-build, plus detailed steps for designing your own.

ot/re building? In the POWER SUPPLY HAND

here are circuits and parts lists for all kinds of supplies, ranging from simple DC types to highly stable regulated veisions. if you need a circuit toconvert a DC voltage toa higher or lower voltage, turn DC into AC. or AC to DC—then this is the book you need. With more than 400 pages, you should be able to ii nd just the circuit you need. Without a doubt one of the best power supply source books available, compiled by the editors of 73, $9,95/

• WEATHER SATELLITE HANDBOOK — £1*7370—Simple equipment and melturfs tor getting good pictures from the vretfher satellite Antennas receivers. monitors facsimile you can build. tracking automat coniroi lyou don't even have ic be home: Dr Taggajt WBSDOT S4 95 '

• THE MEW RTTY HANDBOOK— BK7317 - is a ne*. edition tind ihe only up-lodate RTTY book available The state of Ihn an has been changing radically andh.id mado all previous RTTY books absoleie It has the latest circuits, great Tor Ihe newcomer and e*peit alikfi £5.95.*

• PROPAGATION WIZARDS HANDBOOK - BK7302 h\ J H Nelfioh Whnn Sunspois riddled Ihe worldwide communications networks oi i ho 1940$. John Hem y Nelson looked io 1 planets for an answer, the resun was a ifceory of propag^irDri 'Of^casimg based upon interplanetary ahgnmeni thai made me author the moisi reliable fore:astei in America ioda> The book provides an pnJightftred foo^ at communications pasi, present, and future. as welt as leaching the art of propagation forecasting i6.95 '

-OWNER REPAIR OF RADiO EQUIPMENT BK73TO-Tranh Glass KGHQ shares ovei 40 years ot operating, servicing, and design experience in \his hook which ranges from theeJemenlary to the highly technics whiten lor the top enginpnrs|n the held It is written m narrative style on ihe subjects of electronic servicing, how components work, and how they are combined to provide communication equipmeni Thts boo^ wtN help you understand the concepts requ^ed to service your own station equrpment %7 4

• TOOLS 4 TECHNIQUES FOR ELECTftONiCS-0K7346-by A Wicks is an easy to-understand book wriiien tor the beginning kit bulkier as well as the p»* pertenced hobbyist IE has numerous pictures and descriptions of The sate and cot rect ways to use basin and specialized tools 'or electronic protects as well as specialized metal working tools and the chemical aids which are used tn repair shops 54 95.+

♦ THE CONTEST COOK BOOK-Smoe-rnveals the secrets of the conies! win ners (Domestic^ OX and specialty conte&l&J, complete wiih photos and diagrams ol equipment used by the top scorers Find out how to make ISO contacts in one hour S5.95 "

Use ihe order care the bach r-t this magazine o- itemize your order on a separate piece o* paper ana ma.I io 73 Radio Bookshop * Peteroorougn nh 03*56 Be sore 10 in elude checfc or beia-if^d credit card information No C O D. orde s accepted. * Add St 00 handling cra*ge Note Prices sub|act lo change on books not published by 73 Waga/ np Questions regarding *our order? Please *nte to Cusiomer Servtce ai the anove aodress Please allow weeks lor delivery


• S5B THE MISUNDERSTOOD MODE- BK735t-b> JSmes B Wilson Smgie Sideband Transmission thousands ol us useii every day. yet n remains oneot the least understood facets of amaieur radio. J. B. Wilson presents several methods of sideband Generation, amply illusiraied with chnris and schematics, which will enabte the ambitious reader to construct his own wideband generator A tnu&l for ihe technic ally-serious hams. 55.50.'

• MASTER HANDBOOK OF HAM RADIO CIRCUITS^BK1Q33- This is an encyclopedia of amateur radio circuit gleaned from past issues ot 73 Wjga/jne and cöreluii> selected according so -¡pp^cation You'll find many you've nevet s^-en before some nev. twists on The in^d ^nd ir\ie and iev^ril ihai have been long forgotten but ft'-- Anil tfKHffr remembf hog Where your iftteresl ranges from rage he wins lo tME. from CW '0 säow-5can ^rom DX to county netsr this handbook will be a welcome addition to your shack S8 95 *

RAdio ßooksko


• VOL. IV IC TEST EQUIPMENT - LB7362 - Become a troubleshooting wizard! In this toufth volume of the 73 TEST EOUIPMEN i LlSRARV are 42 home construction projects for building lesl equipment |0 with your Mam station and In servicing digilal equipment, Plus a cumulative index lor all lour volumes for the /3 TES1 F-.QUIPMENT LIBRARY, $4

*RF AND DIGITAL TEST EQUIPMENT YOU CAN BUILD - BK1Q44 - Rt burst tL ^chon square wave generators, variable ¡englh pulse generato**— '00 marker . i ^nd rf sweep generators, audio osc, atfrt signal injector. 146 MHz synthesizer, digital readouts for counters, several counters, prescaier. microwave meter, etc 252 pages. £5 96 *

* VOL I COMPONENT TESTERS LB7359- he* lobuiirl iransistor testers (Bi, diod* testers iC testers (3), .oiimetefs and VTVMs (9|, ohmmeiers cfitlerent hmds|F indue lance f3| capacity O measurement. crystal checking {6} mperature i2h aural meters to1 Ihe blind {3} a*>d all sons ot miscellaneous oata on motors using ttiem making Thern more versalile. making standards. Tnvafua&i^ book 95.'

• VOL. II AUDIO FREQUENCY TESTERS - LB7360 jam packed with all hinds 01 audio frequency tesi equipment If you remtoSSB, RT7Y SST V.etc r this book Jsamust for you a good book tor hi-fi addicts and perl mentors, too1 $4.95 *

• VOL- III RADIO FREQUENCY TESTERS — LB73t>t Radio frequency waves, the common denominator of Amateur Radio. Such Hams asSWR, antenna impedance, line impedance, rf output and field strength; detailed instruct ions on lestlng these items includes sect ions on Hiqnai generators* crystal calibrators, grid djp oscillators, noiSi> generators, dummy loads and much more. $4 95/

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Styl* W

• QSL CARDS - 73 turns out a fantastic series of QSL cards at about half the cost of having them done elsewhere because they are run as a fill-in between printing books and other items in the 73 Print Shop. 250 Style W — QW0250 — for $8.95*; 500 Styie W - GW0500 — for $13.95'; 250 Style X — QX0250 — for $8.95 500 Styte X-QX0500- for S 13.95*; 250 Styie V - QV0250 -for $8.95*; 500 Styie Y^ QY0500-for $13.95/ Allow 6-12 wks. for delivery.

HI/?/» i*

Style X

• BACK ISSUES —Complete your collec tion; many are prime collectables now, classics in the field' A foil collection is an invaluable comoendium of radio and elec tronics knowledge!

25 our choice—ST2500—$12.00*: 25 your choice—ST2501 —$25.00 5 your choice - ST0500 - $875*; 10 your choice—ST 1000 —$14.00/

• FREE BACK ISSUE CATALOGS are yours for the asking . . , specify 73 Magazine and/or Kilobaud Microcomputing back issue catalog when you send your name and address to us on a postcard.

• Preserve and! protect your collection for a lifetime! Order these handsome red binders with gold lettering. $7.50 for 1, 3 for $2175, 6 for $42.00. (Postpaid within USA. please add $2.50 per order outside USA.) Check or money orders only; no phone or C.O.D. orders. 73 Binders» P.O. Box 5120, Philadelphia* PA 19141.

' Use me ordor card In the back of this magazine or itemize your order on a separate piece of paper and mail to; 73 Radio Bookshop • Peiertaorough NH 03456. Be sure to in elude check or detailed credit card information No COD. orders accepted. * Add $1 00 handling charge. Note; Prices subiect to change on books not published by 73 Maga^ne Questions reqarotng your order7 Please write to Customer Service at itie above address. Please alio* 4-6 w^eks for dehvery

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