Snowflake Madness

The Michigan Technological University Amateur Radio Club and the Copper Country Radio Amateur Association announce a radio celebration of our Winter Carnival festivities in the northernmost part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Tech s Winter Carnival is probably the most spectacular winter festiva: in America with fantastic snow sculptures, dog-

sled races, lots of skiing, and other festive events.

In association with the Copper Country Chamber of Commerce, we are issuing a certificate to all amateurs who make contact with any ham in the Copper Country between OOOOZ February 2 and OOOOZ February 9. Only one contact Is required for the certificate.

Suggested frequencies are: 3.705t 3.975. 7,085, 7.105, 7.285. 14.085. 14.305, 21.085. 21.185, 21.385, 28.185. and 28.685. On CW, listen for "CQ Winter Cam« vat."

Send your QSL along with t wo 15c stamps (for postage and handling) to: Debbie Nietzke WD8JPX, 2005D Woodmar Dr., Houghton M! 49931.

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The SC-422 is housed in a 12-x 4- x 7-inch aluminum cabinet. The US distributor for the SC-422 Is KW Control Systems, inc., Box 114C. RDM South Pfank Road'„ Middfetown NY 10940. Reader Service number 479.

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