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Model CO-2A 2 Meters

$19.95 Delivered

Herb Kreckman Co. Cresco, PA. 18326


Erijoy Satellite TV Now

Better than Cable TV-Over 200 TV and radio services Why waste money? Learn the wtiote s:ory ana buile a video system the family cm en|oy No commercials FREE movies, sports and Vegas shows—worldwide crystal clear reception connects to any TV set Bfg (8x11. in book loaded with details, photos, plans, kits—

TELLS EVERYTHING] Satisfaction Guaranteed

Send S7 95 today' Aud Si OD >ch m class [w m\\) or ta OUf 24 hour COD rush order line (305) 862*5068.


P.O. Box 219-K Maitland. Florida 32751

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