The Answers

Element 1:

See illustration 1 A.

Element 2:

1 Jt 2-P< 3-T. 4-S, 5-Ut 6-Ht 7-Ct 8-E, 9-N, 10 F, 11-K, 12-A, 13-G. 14-L 154, 16-R. 17-0, 18-M, 19-D, 20-Q.

Element 3:

1-1 Sort of makes you think that ham radio nasnt reaily come all that far in the past 60 years, doesn't it?

2 3 Named after GE s founder, this award was tossed on the scrap heap when the company ceased selling its products to amateurs.

3*1 DX clubs and foundations, prepare your spaceships!

4-2 But friends just caiied him AL

5-4 I'll bet you wonder where \ dig up this info. Never mind. Just iet me know the next time it appears on the Late Show. Perhaps the ARRL should spring some loot for a print of this classic. Bet it would be a great draw at hamfests and conventions.

Element 4:

1 False—But it sounds like a typicaf Soviet QSO.

2 True—Ross Hull s last experiment in 1938 involved touching the high-voltage cage on an experimental TV.

3 True—He also thought you could beam electricity from satellites in orbit around the Earth. A "crazy'' idea that may actuaify come true in the future.

4 True—''Single Sideband, suppressed carrier" was the original name.

5 True—Before then, things were pretty confusing when you had a 2XYZ in 40 different countries.

6 False—Eighty countries isn't a "century/1 is it?

7 True—Typical American "success" story

8 True—It was abuses like this that led the FCC to eliminate all new club causigns. 9 True—And the exclamation point was until the change.

10 True—It was hard trying to keep the music from going out over the air

11 False—He invented photography.

12 False—Spark transmitters didnrt use tubes, silly!

15 False—^hat woutd have been a neat trick considering that the transistor wasn't even invented until a few years later

16 True—He lost his right eye, in 1910, in an auto accident

17 True—A prize which he shared with radio's "coinventor," Karl F. Braun. By ihe way. the unknown Braun was so amazed that he was chosen for ihe honor, he actually apologized to Marconi at the awards ceremony.

18 True—Politically naive, he was an early supporter of Mussolini's Blackshirts,

19 True—His mother was born in Ireland Marconi's first wife was a!so Irish.

20 False—Marconi was never a licensed amateur Efement 5:

(Reading from left to right} Hertz, Marconi, Loomis, Volta, Watt, Faraday, Steinmetz, Maxwell, Ampere, Doppler.

0 0

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