Whisper Light Kit

An interesting k h sma'l rmfce picks iip sounds anc3 converts lhe^- tr light The louder (ht-sound. (hi? brighter the ftghi includes mi*e controls up to 300 W ri ms on 1 1 0 VAC Complete Kit WL ■ 1


Mad Blastei Kit

Produces loud ear mattering and

Cji supply up to 15 ot

mem k i

Tone Decoder

« complete tone decoder or a sngle PC board Feature*- 4005000 Hi .idustab^: range vj* turn pot ^oiia^e regLj-iStPOn S6 ■ H Useful (or touch [on^ burst detection F$H etc CjfL aisn If used as h siable tane .'ii! oder Huns on 5 to \2 volls Complete kii ro-i 15 as

Slten Kit

Produces upward and dc wnward chatacter atkr oi a police siren 5 W peak audto output runs on woiTs. ases 3~*S ohm


Compiete Kit SM 3 SÏ-95

60 Ml Time

"uns an ■. I! Vi i i <ia ci.M"i"l i. 'imiii I

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