Built-in digitat display with differential function Shows actual vfq frequency a^d difference between VFO and memory (or "hold"

without DFC) frequencies Seiectable wide and narrow CW bandwidth

• Tunaole nojse blanker * RF AGC

• Automatic selection of upper and lower sideband (with SSB NORMAL/REVERSE switch).


PS-30 base-station power suppiy

SP-1B0 external speaker with selectable audio filters VFO --80 remcte VFO AT-160 antenna tuner/SWR and power meter/ antenna switch

DF-180 dig/tal frequency control (for TS-1B0S without DFC>.

YK-88C i500 Hz) and YK-66CN Hz CW f T§fs YK-88S SSB filter for duaJ IF U system.

High quality.., top performance, with optimum features

The top-of-the^me TS-1B0S aN - Dua^ SSB filter (optional :q soi d state HF SSB CW/FSK improve selectivity, reduce transceiver with DFC (Digita noise, and improve PF*

Frequency Control) provides speech-processor operation maximum performance and • Digital Frequency Control efficiency for every amateur (DFC). nciuchng fo^r rr eno-

nes with argitai up/dcwn paddie-sv. ich tuning in 20-Hz steps. Memories operate in Transceiver or sp t rno.ues (Also abie without DFC ) IF shtft (passband Tuning),


• All solid-state 200 W PEP/ "60 W DC -nput on 160-15 meters and 160 W PEP i^O W DC on 10 meters Adaptable to three new bands*


'Cents-ability" in a quality 160-10 meter SSB/CW rig

The TS-520SE is an economical, full-featured 160-10 meter transceiver, found in more ham shacks than any other rig.


• 200 W PEP (SSB)/160 W DC {CW) input on all bands.

> CW WIDE/NARROW bandwidth switch for use with optional 500-Hz CW filter.

- Speech processor for extra audio punch

• Effective noise blanker.

■ RiT (receiver incremental tuning) control.

Digital display with optional DG-5, showing actual operating frequency while transmitting and receiving.

Eight-pole crystal filter for excellent selectivily.

Buill-in 25-kHz calibrator, adjustable to WWV.

VOX and semi-break-m CW

with sidetone. Built-in speaker

Solid-state, with lube driver and final.

- AmpNfied-type AGC circuit.

* Amplified-type ALC*

- Front-panel carrier level conlrol


* SP-520 external speaker.

* DG-5 digital frequency displ ly and 40-MHz counter

* VFO-52QS remote VFO.

* AT-200 antenna tuner/SWR and RF power meter/antenna switch.

pacesetter in amateur radio

"Easy selection'-..15 memories/offset recall scan, priority/ DTMF (Touch-Tone")

Frequency selection with the TR-7800 2-meter FM mobile transceiver is easier than ever. The rig incorporates new memory developments for repeater shift. priority, and scan, and includes a built-in autopalch Touch-Tone+ encoder


• 15 multifunction memory channels, selected with a rotary switch, M1-M13 . . memorize frequency and offset (±600 kHz or simplex) M14 memorize Transmit and receive frequencies independently for nonstandard offset. MO .,. priority channel, with simplex, ±600 kHz, Of nonstandard offset internal backup for all memories, by installing four AA NiCd batteries (not Kenwood-

supplied) m battery holder. Priortty channel (memor/ "0") and priority alert Covers 143 900^148.995 MHz, in 5-kHz or 10-kHz steps. BuiH-m autopatch DTMF (Touch-Tone") encoder Front-panel keyboard for selecting frequency, transmit offset, and autopatch encoder tones, programming memories, and controlling scan.

Automatic scan of entire band (5-kHz or 10-kHz steps) and memories

Manual scan of band and memories, with UP/DOWN microphone (standard).

Compact, high-quality mobile speaker

• Matches ail HF, VHR and UHF radios foi mobile operator

• Only 2-11/16 inches wide t:. 2-1/2 inches high by 2-1/8 nches deep

• Handles 3 watts of auaio

• Mounting bracket with ferrite magnet Adhesive-backed steel plate supplied for mounting virtually anywhere

• Repeater REVERSE switch.

• TONE switch to actuate subaudlble tone module (not Kenwood-supplredl.


* KPS-7 fixed-station power supply.

"Go synthesized on 440 MHz FM7:.. 5 memories, memory/band scan

The TR-8400 synthesized 70-cm UHF FM mobile transceiver covers 440-450 MHz in 25 kHz steps and includes five memories, automatic memory and band scan UP/DOWN manuai scan, and two VFOs


• Synthesized coverage of 440-450 MHz in 25 kHz steps

• Five memories and memory backup terminal on rear panel

• Offset switch for MHz transmit offset and simplex operation Fifth memory ai!ows any other offset by memorizing receive and transmit frequencies independently.

• Automatic scan ot memories and of 440-450 MHz band (in 25-kHz steps) Locks on busy channel and resumes when signal disappears, HOLD or mic PTT button cancels scan

• Up/down manual band scan in 25-kHz steps with UP/ DOWN microphone supplied With TR-8400

• Only 5 3/4 inches wide, 2 inches high, and 7-5/8 inches deep Wetghs only 3 75 pounds.

* TONE switch to activate subtone device (not Kenwood supplied) DTMF (Touch-Tone ) terminal on rear panel

« Four-digit frequency display and S/RF bar meter Other LEDs indicate BUSY, ON AIR. and REPEATER operation


KPS-7 fixed-station power supply

SP-40 compact mobile speaker


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