Wac Yl Award

The Young Ladies Radio League issues the Worked All Continent Young Ladles Award to any licensed amateur who can meet the requirements of their program.

Two-way communications must be established with Young Lady amateurs in each of the six continents of the world: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. The applicant may utilize any band or mode of operation; however, crossband contacts will not be valid. There Is no date limitation.

While all contacts with the six continents must have been made with duly licensed women operators, your contacts must have been made from the same QTH or community not to ex* ceed a 25-mile radius.

To apply, applicant must prepare a list of contacts and also submit QSL cards or written proof of each contact along with the application.

While there is no charge for the award, applicants are requested to forward sufficient postage to cover first class re turn of your QSL cards The YL Radio League assumes no re sponsibility for damaged or lost cards.

Forward your applications to the Award Custodian: Miriam Blackburn W3UUG, Box 2f In-gomar PA 15127.

While on the subject of YL awards, the YL Radio League also sponsors a Worked All States effort as well.


If you thought for one minute that the Worked All USA Award was fairly simple, try your fuck at working each state with a YL contact! Not so easy, is it?

The Young Ladies Radio League makes available the WAS-YL Award to any licensed amateur v. ho can establish two-way contact with a YL in each of the 50 US states,

WhHe there are no date, band, or mode restrictions, you can request single band or mode recognition at the time application is made.

To quality, all contacts must have been made within 25 miles of your QTH and any call you possess may be used to make contact with the 50 state YLs.

To apply, place your contacts in order by state beginning with Alabama and working alphabets cally through your list. Include QSL cards or other forms of writ* ten confirmation for each contact claimed.

Forward your QSL cards, your application, and the list of claimed contacts to: Stella McPherson WA4WPNT 2029 El* bow Road, Chesapeake VA 23320. Be sure to include sufficient postage for first class mail return of your QSL cards. While there is no award fee, the League will not assume responsibility for the loss or damage of your cards,

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