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Each station may be worked on each band and each mode. Mobiles may be worked again upon each county change.


QSO number (beginning with 001) and state, province, country, or Texas county,


Novice—3710. 7110, 21110, 28110.

Phone—3940. 7260. 14280, 21370, 28600.


All non Texas stations score points as follows; Phone contact with fixed station in TX = 1 point; CW contact with fixed station in TX = 2 points; phone contact with mobile station in TX = 5 points; CW contact with mobile station inTX = 7 points. Multiply by the number of Texas counties worked (254 max).

All Texas stations score 1 point per contact on phone. 2 points on CW regardless of fixed or mobile. Multiply by the number of state, countries, and Canadian provinces worked.


Plaques to top scores: US, US Novice, DXt Canada, Texas fixed, Texas mobile, Texas Novice. Certificates to top score in each state, country, and province. Special awards as activity dictates.


AH logs must be received by March 15th Mail entries to: Tom Horton K5II0, 2708 Halifax, Odessa TX 79762.

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