SPECIFICATIONS: Range Sensitivity;


Disptaj-Time b Power

20 Hz toäOO MHz Less lhan 25 utv w \ 50 MHz Lm lhan 150 nn 106OO M Hi 1.0 Hz I 60 MHz range} :0 0 Hi :6G0 MHt range S digits 0.4' LED 2 0 ppm 2a 40 C NO V AC or 3: VDC

The CT-50 is a versatile lab bench counier thai will measure up to600 MHi, with B digit precision. And one of its best features is the Receive Frequencv Adapter, which turns the CT-50 into a digital readout for any receiver The adapter i& eas.ly programmed for any receiver ¿nd 3 simple c mneciion to [be receiver's VFO a aJ! that is required for use Adding the receiver adapter in no way limits the operation of the CT-50. the adapter can few ¿oc^er-ientlf •>+ ;i£hed on or off The T7 jQ, a counter That can work double-duty"


CT-50 wired, I year warrontv CT 50 KU W da> parti wuramty

RA-li feceinr adapter kit RA ! * 1 red and pre-pRïg rammed < send of ttLcr. c irJhernaliCi

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