Worked All Transkei

Early this week \ received a very nice tetter from Len S8AAT and he told of the very popular

Transkei Amateur Radio League Award now being offered.

The Transkei Amateur Radio League has formally announced the Worked All Transkei Award which is made available to licensed amateurs throughout the world.

To qualify for the award, stations within Zone 38 must log a total of 4 Transkei (S8 prefix) sta tions since October 26, 1976. Stations outside of Zone 38 need only log two stations in Transkei.

There are no restrictions on bands or modes and even cross-band contacts are permitted. Stations wishing to be recognized for single band or mode achievements may request rec-ngnition at the time application s made.

To apply for this award, prepare a list of claimed contacts and have it verified by at least two feilow amateurs or a local radk> club official Forward this ■ ¡st and an award fee of $1.00 or 10 JRCs to: The Transkei Anna :eur Radio League, PO Box 750, JMTATA. Republic of Transkei, =>outh African Coast.

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