An old friend

This is one piece of equipment youMI keep HON CONTROL. Make a permanent place in for a long time. We've designed out the ob- your station for the system that won't gather solescence with our new plug-in application dust! ATR-6800 system with 10 practical promodules, These fuiiy shielded modules, about grams in module number one, and nine inch the size of a business cardr will keep your ATR- video monitor . , . $2495. Companion printer, 6800 as new as tomorrow with updates, and add $450. Module #1 separately, $189. Get to future program expansion- You'll be proud of know the active hams at MICROLOG Corp., its top "on-the-air11 RTTY/CW performance, and 4 Professional Drive, Gaithersburg, MD. 20760. of its versatility as your HAM COMPUTER/STA- Tel.: (301) 948-5307.

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