Ay Programmable Sound Generator

The AY3-B9tO-= a 40 pm LSI chip wi'v thr« osctHalors thiiee amplitude controls, programmable noise generaicir three mixers an envelope {generator and three D^A conveners thai are comroited by B BIT WORDS No external pots or caps required This chip hooked To an B bit nvcrnprDcesttchip of Buss B080. Z&0. 6800 etc} can ,ctiware controlled to product? ¿s'rnos! any sound It will play throe note moras, mskt t>ang&, whistles, sirens gunshots explosions, pteats, whines or grunts In addition, has provtaidh$ to cQfitroj Its own memory chips with iwo 10 ports, The cfiip require <5V 5 75ma and ^standard TTL ClOCk ostjill.ttur A truly incredible circuit

12.9 5^, iasic Spec Shet t ziageE 60 page manual with S-100 interlace instructions and severs1 programming examples S3.00 e*tra




X-TflA VALUE- Ad the components and High qunfity platttl G~1D PC Board*

K'TRA CAflE IN DESIGN 1 ■'!' I Assembly1 irga opct ■ ■ ■. ■ -1ji X-CELUEnCL Um IDEAS ia yiturs Q^ctnqiiimtrt product11ar th<? lunatc-urn nim jnar kpt

X-CELLENCE IM instructions: clort ,- i:-bv-5h' \ ■ r *<til tjuiuiiy n lust ral tans Attn ^chimatic Ji-TilA FEATURES'Tti^r. - tiffjeroaefl*k.t jv in \r: ■• -

at\y pricfll1

p Ürtl optiaif or eithpf 1?VAC tr 17 VDC

* Or ■ OUARTZ XTAl TIWEBASC 0' ' "V ^C ■ v i H ri

* Uniqui'NOX' CIRCUIT activates fiAdüuTiw^ a handclap to^Dwod by Ihi^ dale Igr 4 seconds Ol th^y can b-j lutciH-d on constancy

* When uted m ituse rf>,iii:^ii" fi-in^. jmriori is off

* Special NOISE SUPPRESSION and Ijnitfry rniversal circullfl

* 6right I -1?' i^EDi shem hOMrs mlrtuli Hnb seOrmds

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