SPECIFICATIONS: Range: Sensitivity



Display: Time bait Pvwer

20 Hz to 600 MHz The CT 50 is a versatile lab bcnch counter thai will mejore up tofeGO MHí

Lpsí than 2J mv to ISO MH/ with S digü precising And, one of its be*: feature? is the Receive Frequency

Uk ihan [ ^ to 600 MH; ^^ ^ ^ M ^ f(Jf reíej,eT j^

. _ _ „km adapter ii easily programmed for an y receiver and a simple connect ion to the

■ jipuO-i t FD receiver5! VFO n ail that ta required for u« Adding (he receiver adapter in no

2 0 ppm 20-40 C lim[ts tbe operation o+ the CT-50. the adapte? can be coaventenfly

110 VAC cvt I 2 VDC switched - at ofi The ( r 50, a cikuntef that can work duubi^dul>'

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