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PROM Eraser sssefntjieil 25 PflOM capjaTy £37 50 (With tKTMT SB9.50 6 PROM caiH£:iy OSHA UL version S69 50 (wnti timer W.SO1

Z80 Microcomputer

16 hit 1/0, 2 MH? clock, ?K RAM, ROM Breadboard spiiCE Ejicelleni for control Anr*: Board S28.50. Full Kit m00. Monitor $20.00 Power Supply Kit U5 Q0 Tiny Basic S30.DQ

S-10D Computer Boards

0K Satic GoCbout Ecoiw tlA Kd T49 00 16K Static Godaoui Econo XIV Kit 269 00 24K Stabc Godbtnit Ecooo XX-24 Kit 414 00 32K Static Gcdtwjt Econo XX 32 Kit &37 00 16K Dynamic RAM Kit 289 00

32K Dynamic RAM Kit 326.00

64« Dynamic RAM Kit 399,00

Video Intorlacu Kil 5139 00

80 FC Update Master Manual $39lQD

Coii^) lC data selector £700 pg master rifewoe guide Over 51.000 crrfiiainiw, Ff« upflai? service mrough i960 Domestic postage S3 50.

Modem Kit $60.00

Sate oi the art. ong . answer No tunng wes-sary "03 corrFpziible 300 baud Inexpensive aroustic cDuptef plans included Bd. only SU 00

LRC 7000 - Printer S3B9.00

4G,?U column dot matrix impact, std pEiper IrtGriacu all personfll totnpjters.

64 40 32?0 version S4Q5 00. Optional cables available

LRC 70DO printer int*r1*ca cable lor Super Eft with software S?6 00

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NiCad Battery Fixer Charger Kit

Qp*ns shoriid cetEs tnai «t>n ; hold 3 thjrci lind ÖW charges thein up. aJi n> One kit * M pans and instructions $7.25

Rockwell aim 65 Computer

6502 based single board with full ASCII keyboard and 20 column thermal printef ?Q char alphanu meric display ROM monitor, lulty expandable S375.00, 4iC verton H5fl 0C ^K Assembler sas DO 8K aaSK Irrtcrprrt^ $100.00

Speaal snofl powv supply for AIM65 assem . ai Iran- S54.00 Compieii m üw briefcase ftMh power aupipiy S499.00 Moftfed pisstic enör;suri to lit botft AIM65 and piwer supply W7.50. SpeaaJ Pa£:kjgt? Pnce- JK AIM Basin, ptiwuf supply, cabmtf (599.00

AIMG5/K1 M/Vi M ;Su psr Elf 44 pin expansion hoard. 3 female and 1 mate bus ifcHnl plus 3 contiFfrtors S22.9S.

60 Hz CrysUf Time Base Kit $4,40

Converts Cü^ftaJ Ciodks trwn AC iinetreouency to cr/ital ii^r>e Öa« OuTstancng accurac>

Video Modulator kit $9,95

Cot'jert TV sei into a hjgn (juafjty ^xmitor * o attwiing usage. Comp kit wiui instne.

Multi voll Computer Power Supply

8v 5 amp. i0v .5 amp. 5v 1 5 amp. -5v 5 amp. 12v 5 amp, 12v option < Eiv. - 12v are rftgulate^ Basic Kn $29.95 Kit w^lh chassis and all hardware S43 95. Add S4 00 shipping Kit .1 hd'dware 114.00. Woodgra^n cas« $10.DD. Si 50 shipping

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