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Taxpayers ¬°ike to see and hear about the school being used as much as possible

At this point, ) made my first mistake: I otiered lo pay for the rooms. We had to charge $25 per student to cover our initial costs. For that, they received the Tune in the World package and a guarantee of a Novice license! When the time came to make the next year's arrangements for rooms, 1 had learned that most school departments are more than willing to let any civic group use their facilities.

For our second years program, the town of Danvers, Massachusetts, civil defense radio unit was the repeater's cosponsor The superintendent of schools and the s< hoot committee were glad to give us the needed four rooms at no charge. We met as part of the adult education program on fhursday nights Both the school and! the C'I) unit helped the club advertise the classes

During the second half of the school year, we had planned only to teach the follow-up (General class and a small Advanced class at the Danvers stte. But there were so many calls for a Novice class, we quickly organized two new Novice classes in both Danvers and Swampscolt,

Other Sites

Other room ideas I checked out and will probably use at later dates were the local hospital where our repeater is housed, the Boys Clubs and Girls Clubs, the Red Cross headquarters, a private nursing home, and both state colleges. Where ever you find a suitable room, try to contract for it for no fee. There will be plenty of ways to show the landlord your club's appreciation. Also, don't be surprised if the landlord, i.e,, the school department, asks vour club to sign a con tract for the rooms, I hey must establish responsibility tor not onl> the cleanup of the premises but also the liability in case of an accident.

Our current class is part of the very successful adult education program of the town of Marblehead, Massachusetts It ts a (oordi-nated effort between the repeater club, the town, and the high school s industrial arts department One class meets after school and the others on Fhursday nights Funds col lected from the evening program will be used to donate station equipment lo the school's fiew station

Our other class is at the Lenox Hill Nursing Home in Lynn, Massachusetts. It is a private institution with many handicapped young people. The director was a radio operator during the Korean Wjt who immetli-ately saw the value of adding ham radio as a weekly activity. We will set up a station there (donated by Handi Hams) and have a regular schedule of operators drop in during the week to use it. As interest in ham radio grows, we will show the recentlv produced Dave Bell tilm on ham radio to the patients. I m sure we will have a small group of people interested enough to start teaching code and theory.

Our final teaching effort for this \ear will be a similar wintertime project at the Greater Lynn Boys Club. As an urban club, its membership swells in the winter months, and not all young people enioy sports. These 5th, bth, and 7th graders could turn out to be the future electronic technicians this country needs

Finding Students

Armed with the results of the original test mailing, it was time to find more potential students In advertising for our first class, an

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