Dual filters give unmatched performance. "Ihe primary filter kit you peak, notch, tow pass or high paw with extra steep skins Auxiliary filter; 70 dB natch. 40 Hz peak. Both filters tune from 300 to Mm Hz with variable bandwidth from 40 Hz to nearly flat. Constant output as bandwidth is varied; linear frequency control SwitchabJe noise limiter for impulse noise Simulated stereo sound for CU lets ears and mind reject QRM. Inputs for 2 rigs, switch selectable Plugs into phone jack Two watts for speaker OFF

bypasses filter 9-18 VDC. M KJ m A or 110 VAC wUh optional adapters-" 95 + S2 I0v2 k6'\ MFJ 751 ยป $69.95, similar, primary filler only, less high pass & noise limiter.


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