The CT-W .V the most '-er*ati[e. feature polled counter available foi le»» than 4300.00* Advanced design feature! trwludc three selectable gal« tirorL rune digiti, ¿3 ' ' indicator anda unique display told function * h ich hold-. th* displayed ci>unt after the mpur jignal is removed Alst* aiOmHj TCXOtim* base is used which enables eaiy zero beat calibratioil checks agnm¿t WWV Optionally; an intern at nie ad battery pack^iacrnal time b*£e Input and Micio power high stability crystal oven time base are ufdihihlc The C I V0. performance you can count on]





20 Hz to 600 MHz Le» iban 10 MV lo ISO MHv than 50 MV to 500 MHz

0 1 HiüO MHz fanget

1 0 Hz \60 MHz range! 10.0 Hi (600 MHz range] 9 digits O.A" LED

Standing I D.QOO niHï, ¡ 0 ppm 20-40 C Optional Micro power oten-0 t ppm 20-40 C 8-J5 VAC - 250 ma

525 MHz $99

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