Amateur Radio Profiles

The most meaningly equipment review publication lo hit the amateur ranks in y^ars No commercial advertisers thus no obligation to ihte rttenuf act oners We it lifce i| 15. good and dad In plain, easy-to-uhdersiand language by amaieur enthusiasts .vho have tested, and compared ■ VV^aiS^OO Transceiver fS Ijiving Itie il^OO units a rur. lor their money?' . Need a tri-bander?' . sludy the "Biittie ol the amps" Gel the irue siory r>iftore you buy Of tT^s^ Chei^ ihe ^rearn sysiem iwsi dollar value good, belter, best systems by performance versus cost Know what to expect, bolii nefl-riinieiy ¿ifidpoftfUvely Itom I hat gear you1 re planning to buy before you buy1! —thus no surprises, you knoA you re buyrng t>e cause you read A P.P. H3.QD ycarly-mutli Issues.

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