Test Equipment

• ftF AMO OIGITAL TEST EQUIPMENT YOU CAM BUILD-BK104J - Rt burst lunchün square *ave generalors, variable length pulse generators - tQG kHi marker, i-l and rt sweep generators, audio osc, af/rf signai iniecior, 146 MHz synthesizer, digital readouts lor counters, several counters, pruscater, microwave irteler, etc. 252 pages. 15.95.r

• VOL, \ COMPONENT TESTERS — LB7359 - how 10 builcf translsloi testers J8), diode testers |3Jt re tesier s (3), voltmeters and VTVMs (9t, ohmmeters deferent kinds), indue-lance í3capacityQmea&ur^rnent.cry^tji chedkmg(6) tempera' ¿re aural meteos for th€r Wird í3i ana all sorts or miscellaneous data on meters using tnem mak^g them more versatile, makrng standards. ínvaFuaDíe book $4.^."

■ VOL. II AUDIO FREQUENCY TESTERS LB736Q- jam packed with all kinds oí audio frequency test equipment. If you're mío SS8, RTTY. SSTV, etc:., this book is a musi for you j good book lor hi-fi addicts and ejtperimeniefs, tool £4 95.*

• VOL. TV IC TEST EQUIPMENT - LB7362- Become a troubleshooting wizard" JnthTSlourtn volume of the 73 TEST EQUIPMENT LIBRARY are 42 home construction projects tor building test equipment to work Aith your nam station and in servicing digital equipment Pius a cumulative ndex tor all lour volumes *or Ihe 73 TEST EQUIPMENT LIBRARY 54.95.'

• VOL. til RA0I0 FREQUENCY TESTERS - LB7361 - Radio frequency1 waves, the common denominator of Amateur Radio Such items, is $WR, antenna tmpedance, hrv-tmpedance, rf output and field strength;detailed, instructions on testing Ihese Hems includes sections on signal generators, crystal calibrators, grid dip oscilhiinrs, nor-generators, dummy loads and much more £4 95."

The WeLI~EQllippE(J llAM shACk=^=

• THE MAGIC OF HAM RADIO - BK7312 - by Jerrold Swank, W8HXR begins with a brief history of amateur radio and of Jerry s involvement in it. Part 2 details many ot ham radio's heroic moments, Hamdom's close ires with thecontineni of Antarctica are the subject of Part 3, In Part 4 the strange and humorous sides of ham life get their due. And what of the future? Part 5 peers into the crystal balk $4.95 "

• A GUIDE TO HAM RADIO - BK7321 - by Larry Kahaner WB2NEL, What's Amateur Radio all about? You can learr, the basics of this fascinating hobby with this excellent beginner s guide. It answers the most frequently asked questions in an easy-going manner, and it shows the best way to go about getting an FCC license. A Guide to Ham Radio js an ideal introduction to a hobby enjoyed by people around the wortd. S4.95.'

• HOW TO BUILD A MICROCOMPUTER - AND REALLY UNDERSTAND IT - 8K7325-by Sam Creason. The electronics hobbyist who wants to buMd his own microcomputer system now has a practical 1 How-To" guidebook. This book is a combination technical manual and programming guide that takes the hobbyist step-by-step through the design, construction, testing and debugging ot a compíete microcomputer system Must reading for anyone desiring a true understanding ot small computer systems. 59-95.'

• LIBRARY SHELF BOXES-These sturdy white, corrugated, dirt-resistant boxes each hold a futl year of 73, Kilobaud Micro computing or80 Microcomputing. With your order, request self-sticking labels for any of the following: 73. Kilobaud Microcomputing. 80 Microcomputing, CO. QST< Ham Radio, Personal Computingt Radio Electronics, Interface Age, and Byte. Order 1 8X1000^ for $2.00*; order 2-7- BX20Ü2 - for $1.50 each4; order 8 or more - BX10Ü2 - for $1.25 each\



Style Y

StyU' W

• GSL CARDS — 73 turns out a fantastic series of GSL cards at about half the cost of having them done elsewhere because they are run as a fiM-in between printing books and other items in the73 Print Shop. 250 Style W-QWQ250-for $8.95"; 500 Style W - QW0500 — for $13,95\ 250 Style X — GX0250 — for $8.95'; 500 Styfe X-GX0600 — for $13.95*; 250 Style Y - QY0250 -for $8,95*; 500 Styie Y-GY0500-for $13,95/ Allow 6-12 wks. for deli very nm/ii

Stvle X

• BACK ISSUES—Complete your coilec* tion; many are prime coMectables now, classics mthe field! A fuM collection is an invaluable compendium of radio and electronics knowledge!

STQOOO—Single back issue before July 1980—33.00 ST0250—SmgJe back issue a!rer July 1980 - S3,50 STD500-5 yo^ ,-hoice—Sfc .-5 ST1000-Ir}youi ^hoice-SKOO ST25G0 25 our ho ce—S12.00 STMOt —55 your choice—$25.00

• FREE BACK ISSUE CATALOGS are yours for the asking, , .specify 73 Magazine and/or Kilobaud Microcomputing back issue catalog when you send your name and address to us on a postcard.

• Preserve and protect your collection for a tifetime! Order these handsome red binders with gold lettering, $7.50 for 1P 3 for $21.75, 6 for $42,00. Postpaid within USA, please add $2.50 per order outside USA.) Check or money orders only, no phone or C.O.D orders. 73 Binders, P.O. Bo* 5120, Philadelphia, PA 19141,

'Use the order card in ihe beck ot ttita magazine or uemize your order on a separate piece of paper and man to 73 Radio Bookshop • Peterborough NH 03453 Be sure to include cneck or detailed credit card information No COD orders accepted. Add $1 00 handling charge Note: Price* subject to change on books not published oy 73 Magazine Questions regarding your order'' ^lea&e to Customs Sendee ai trie above address aJio* * 6 fof Üe'ivery

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