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The IsoPole is building a strong reputation for quality in design and superior performance. The IsoPoles acceptance has already compelled another large antenna producer to make a major design modification to his most popular VHF Base Station antenna. Innovative IsoPole conical sleeve decouplers (pat. pend.) offer many new design advantages.

All IsoPole antennas yield the maximum gain attainable for their respective lengths and a 2ero degree angle of radiation. Exceptional decoupling results in simple tuning and a significant reduction in TVI potential. Cones offer greater efficiency over obsolete radials which radiate in the horizontal plane and present an unsightly bird's roost with an inevitable "fallout zone below. The fsoPoles have the broadest frequency coverage of any comparable VHF base station antenna. This means no loss of power output from one endl of the band to the other, when used with SWR protected solid state transceivers. Typical SWR is 1.4 to 1 or better across the entire band!


Outstanding mechanical design makes the IsoPole the only logical choice for a VHF base station antenna. A standard 50 Ohm SO-239 connector is recessed within the base sieeve (fully weather protected), With the IsoPole, you will not experience aggravating deviation in SWR with changes in weather, The impedance matching network is weather seaied and designed for maximum legal power. The insulating material offers superb strength and dielectric properties plus excellent long-term uitra-violet resistance. All mounting hardware is stainless steel. The decoupling cones and radiating elements are made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloys. The aerodynamic cones are the oniy appreciable wind load and! are attached directly to the support (a standard TV mast which is not supplied)

Operating on MARS or CAP? The IsoPole and IsoPole Jr. antennas will typically operate at least ± 2 MHz outside the respective ham band without re-tuning. However, by simple length adjustment, the IsoPoles can be tuned over a wider range outside the ham bands.

Our competitors have reacted to the fsoPole, maybe you should too! Order your IsoPole or IsoPole Jr. today from your favorite Amateur Radio Distributor, For more information on other exciting AEA products, contact Advanced Electronic Applica tions, Inc., PO. Box 2160, LynnwoodP WA 98036. Call 206/775-7373

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