Far East Electronics Tour

Tlw Electronics Touf tor M»rhaiing. Purchasing, Engineering. Mantifaciunng, & Product De**iopmeni MkA*o<*s and Executives to Mwt ^th Foreign Distributors* Reosr Suppl iera. & Buyers, and to Develop Foreign Business Contacis Through Inoivteu&i and Group U«t^s

Date: October 7-2111961

October 8-23, 1981

Japan Electronics Show In Osaka Korea Electronics Show In Seoul highlights

Taiwan Electronics Show In Talpel Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Show

* Arrangements tor Group and Individual Business Meetings * Daily Program tor Participants Interesled in Importing * Dally Program lor Participants Interested in £*portinc

* Business Briefings by Local Govern monts, Chambers ol Commerce, and US Embassy Commercial Officers * Free Time tor Individual Appointments * F Irai Ctass Hotel

Accommodations * DaHy Show Transportation

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