The Postman Always Rings Times

From every stale you answered—612 responses in all—and totd us what you think about amateur radio. Now the forms have been tabulated and the results are printed below.

Were there any surprises? WeltT the number of you responding was a shock—about twice as many as we projected, We were also pleasantly surprised at the time and care most of you devoted to answering the survey. If letter writing is a dying art. we have ions of evidence to the contrary.

In all, the poll seemed to touch a very responsive chord. A number of fetters expressed thanks at being included in a poll for the first time (How come Mr. Gallup never comes to my door?) and urged us to run regular surveys in the future, AH of your comments are being grven due consideration, but our mailman won t put up with another poll for some time. Come to think of it, with an office full of com* pleted response forms, it'll be some time before we're ready again, too.


No surprises here; ham radio continues to remain a predominantly male hobby. One interesting footnote: Most YL response forms were included in the same envelope with their OMs. Very few were in-dependently mailed.

A) 15 or below—0% B) 16-21 —4% C) 22-39—52% D) 40-59—25% E) 60 and above—19%

What happened to the kids? Are postage rates too high or maybe they just don't know how to write? I hope this particular question doesn't reflect amateur radio in general, or we're doomed,

3} License class: A) Novice—8% B) Technician—10% C) General—35% D) Advanced—31% E) Extra—16%

About par for the course.

4) Number of years licensed:

A) 1 year or less—6% B) 1-5 years—38% C) 6-10 years—6% D) 11-20 years—23% E) 21 years and up—27%

Seems about right.

5} Do you have a new (post-March 76) call? A) Yes—37% B) No-63%

With more than a third of all responses indicating "new" callst they shouldn't seem strange anymore. Okayt so teii me why a huge number of replies were directed to "K-twelve~U?" That 's not a "one, " guys. it's an "eye"

6) How many hours a week do you devote to amateur radio?

A) 0-1 hour—6% B) 2-5 hours—27% C) 6*10 hours—42% D) 11-20 hours—19% E) 21 or more hours—6%

On the whole, a pretty active bunch.

7) Which HF bands do you use most?

A) 80-75 meters—14 % B) 40 meters— 18% C) 20 meters—12% D) 15 and/or 10 meters—44% E) Don't operate HF—12%

Only 12% on 20 meters? Sure doesn 't sound that way. Eighty meters seems a bit on the low side, too, But those sunspots really seem to be helping 15 and 10.

8) Which VHRUHF band do you use most?

A) 6 meters—6% B) 2 meters—68% C) 220 MHz—4% D) 420 MHz andtor up^0% E) Don't operate VHF/UHF—22%

This question asked which VHF/UHFband you used most not which band you're on. That might explain why hardly anyone picked D, since most UHF ops are probably also on 2L Neverthelesst the apparent lack of UHF activity is disturbing.

9) Which mode do you use most?

A) SSB—44% B) CW—24% C) FM—26% D) AM—2% E) Other—4%

SSB is still tops, with FM narrowly squeezing ahead of CW for second piace.

10) How much money have you spent on amateur radio within the past year? (Include QSL expenses, magazine subscriptions, club dues, and other Incidental expenditures.)

Soft market.


11) Has amateur radio influenced your career choice?

A) Greatly—23% B) Somewhat—25% C) Not at all—52%

Even though 52% chose C, try to think of another hobby with as great an influence on its userst

12) If a Novice sent you a QSL after a QSO with no return package (sic), would you answer It?

Return package? Sorry about the typo; we meant, of course, postage, In any event, the old ham spirit still fives.

13) Do you routinely look up the license class of the person you re talking to in the Cat/book?

A longtime practice, still apparently used, to self police our bands. Unfortunately; out-of-date Cailbooks can sometimes lead to embar rassing situations.

14) Do you think amateur radio was better 10 years ago? A) Much better—19% B) Somewhat better—32% C) The same—32% D) Somewhat worse—17%

A question of perception, since many respondents weren't active 10 years ago.

15) Do you think amateur radio was better 20 years ago? A) Much better—27% B) Somewhat better—23% C) The same—27% D) Somewhat worse—14%

Oh, for the good old days!

16) Did you ever use a "cheat book" to upgrade your license? A) Yes—12% B) No—88%

A slightly misleading result, since many ctted the old ARRL License Manual as a "cheat book/' Your FUN! columnist takes no stand on this issue.

17) If someone offered you a million dollars, tax free, on the condition that you give up amateur radio forever, would you?

Thirty-nine percent say no. Either they're already rich, have a very deep love for amateur radiot or a million bucks doesn t mean much these days. Probably the latter.

18) Has ham radio ever interfered in your personal relationships{i.e., time with your wife, husband, children, lover, etc.)?

Confirming what was widely suspected.

19) Have you ever tried to interest a family member in amateur radio? A) Yes—88% B) No—12%

An amateur's evangelical urges know no bounds.

20) Do you think most hams have a sense of humor? A) Yes—90% B) No—10%

Then why are so many QSOs as sharp as a sledgehammer?

27) Do you get upset when you hear hams ''kidding around" on the air?

22) Have you ever intentionally jammed a repeater or otherwise purposely interfered with a QSO?

My goodness! Fourteen percent admit it! Heaven save us!

23) Do you think amateur radio lowers your neighbor's opinion of you?

Sure, neighbors just love antenna towers and TVi That's why they're always trying to pass taws down at Town Hall to limit our hobby* Guess they're just trying to get us to spend more time with them.

24) If your closest ham friend beat you inama/orcontest, how would you feel?

A) He must be a better operator than me—76%

B) Contesting is just luck—6%

C) The contest was set up unfairly—0%

D) It was easy for him to win; he has better equipment—14%

A response that would have made Jack Armstrong proud.

25) Do you make most of your friends through amateur radio? A) Yes-25% B) No—75%

See>t we do talk to other people besides hams>

26) When attending a ham club meeting, fiea market, or convention, do you wear a caltsign badge?

Hi! My Name is Johnt KI2U!

27) If you answered yes to the above question, what size is your badge?

Wonder what the 3% who indicated £ wear? billboards? Must keep an eye out for them.

28) If your closest friend won a Collins KWM-380 in a contest, would you feel jealous?

What a bunch of tiars.

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