Electronics I

II you're still designing circuits the old-tashioned way, let the Electronics I package Introduce rhe latest way to go. Tuned Circuits Coll Winding—Design tuned circuits for audio and radio frequencies This two-part program will find rhe two missing values From any two o( the following: frequency, capacitance, inducrance, or reactance, The coil-winding section wilt calculate the number of turns and wire gauge required for a close-wound, air-, or slug-tuned toil From the inductance, diameter, length, and permeability of the coil.

555 Timer Circuits —Timers, both monostable (one-shot) and astable (oscillator), can be easily designed with this two-part program The program will also draw a complete schematic on the screen of your TRS 80

IM 3fi I fre-Amp Design—You too can quickly design an JC preamp With this program all you need to do is enter the parameters of the performance you want, and the program does the rest—right down to drawing a detailed schematic of your tircuit on the screen!

Order No. 0008R $7.95. QSL MANAGER

Did you remember ro send a QSL card to the op you worked last week? Maybe you sent a QSL, but can't recall getting one in return. The QSL Manager program will help you set up a computerized log book for Instant access to your records.

iV\ake complete ¡oc ent^es which include: date, time, callsign. name* band, both the Sent and Received signal reports, the mode. QSL sent receded, and any remarks you may want 10 add.

No more fumbling with index cards during a QSO. because the QSL Manager has a built in search function to locateand display information on any caHsign In your records. You can even Hst all the QSO s for a particular dare, lime, band worked, mode or a specific signal report. Up to 1400 entries can be accessed from your disk (depending on how- many disk drives you have)

The program has built-in editing features that help you keep your log book up-to-date-There s also a command that lets you output your log entries to a printer for hard copy, in ihat next QSO, knock rheir socks off with your infallible memory. (12)

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